Registration Day for 2021 will be held on Sunday 7th February between 3-5 pm at the Studio at Unit 4, 4 Dacre Street Mitchell.

Come along to rego day to meet the teachers, see the studio, preview the 2021 syllabus and to ask all your physie and dance related questions. If you can't make it to rego day, email us now to  check our vacancies or to go on our wait list.  Send us an email with your and/or your daughters name and date of birth and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For Physie, your age group is determined as at 31st August. For example, if your daughter turns 6 on the 1st September, she will be in the 5 years this year, but if she turns 6 on the 31st August, she will be in the 6 years.

Please note, we do not take any enrolments for girls aged 5 and above after term 2 as the year has progressed too far for new students. 


For 2021, classes commence on Tuesday 16th February for Juniors (3 - 12 years) and Beginner, Novice, Intermediate Ladies and Wednesday 17th February for 13 - 16 years, Intermediates and Open Ladies. 

One of the great things about physie is that you don't need any dance experience to participate. We learn brand new routines every year which means we are all beginners at the start of the year, learning new moves and skills within our yearly syllabus.

Physie is an activity that you do all year over four terms and our terms run in line with ACT public school terms.

We spend the first two terms of the year learning the new routines, improving fitness, flexibility and strength. Terms 3 and 4 are when the competitions are held and when we focus on perfecting the syllabus and learning how to really perform each and every routine. 

We generally do not accept any new enrolments after the end of term 2 as the learning of the syllabus has progressed to the point where its too advanced to pick up.


We do allow 3-4 years to join at any stage of the year (pending availability) along with girls and ladies with previous Physie experience. 


We hold a club presentation at the end of the year where we celebrate the achievements of our members throughout the year.  




Physie is a very cost effective form of dance for families. We aim to minimise the cost to ensure Physie is affordable and accessible. Our fees are very competitive when compared to other styles of dance and given you are exposed to up to 5 genres of dance in the one class, it makes physie even more cost effective. 

All members are required to pay the APDA registration fee in term 1 in addition to the term fees. 

Our 2021 term fees are as follows:

Fees are paid in instalments over Terms 1, 2 and 3. No fees are payable in term 4. 

3-4 years (Tiny Tots): $130 per instalment (inclusive of GST) or $390 for the full year. Plus there is a one off APDA registration payable by your third class of $45.00 (includes a training dvd). 


5-12 years: $160 per instalment (inclusive of GST) or $480 for the full year. Plus a once off APDA registration fee payable by your third class of $85 (includes training dvd).

Seniors and Ladies (ages 13 and above): $170.00 per instalment for one class a week in term 1, $510 for the full year. Or $195 per instalment for two classes per week for Seniors and Intermediates for terms 2,3,4 plus a one off APDA registration fee payable by your third class of $85 (includes training dvd).  




New members are welcome to attended one lesson obligation free. If you continue after your first lesson, you are required to register with the club and pay the registration and terms fees / instalments. Payment plans are available after a consultation with the club. Late payment fees to all invoices not paid by the due date without an agreed payment plan in place.